Innovation is the driving force for developing new business and exploiting economic opportunities. It has become a crucial factor in the new economic world, affecting each and every organization. We focus on holistic approaches within the development of innovations, because we know that an innovation can only be characterized as such when it is based on an economically successful concept. Continuous renewal in the core business as well as identifying and strategically approaching transformative growth potentials are equally part of our services. We offer innovation excellence on product, service and process level.

Old and new business world

Whether in the existing service portfolio of our clients or outside the core business: we drive innovation forward together with you. From incremental changes within Innovation Horizon 1 up to radically disruptive, strategic innovations (Innovation Horizon 3), we know how to methodically guide our clients into new fields of action.

Innovation fields

KOPFSPRINGER consults with passion, expertise and many years of experience from research and practice. Our services in the context of innovation include the implementation of holistic innovation projects incorporating analysis, conception, evaluation, implementation and controlling as well as trainings in various creativity techniques and innovation methods.


We know the Innovator’s Dilemma very well from numerous projects. It is difficult to keep an eye on transformative, high-risk innovation activities, especially when the business is running successfully.

Reference projects

Digital Concept – Service Center
Requirement analysis, design and implementation of an innovative data collection and utilization concept, including optimized use of media and signage to build customer-centric sales and service processes.

Sales Short Films
Pre-production, production and post-production of sales and/or service-oriented explanatory films, e.g. in the area of e-mobility charging processes, use of charging apps or installation processes.

AI-Supported Sales Software
Design, programming and testing of intelligent (CLV-supported) sales software for use in inbound/outbound (CC) and in D2D channels. Smart call support incl. up-/cross sale trigger points.

Data-Driven Business Models
Creation, evaluation and conception of data-driven products and business models. Deriving patterns from digital datasets to create potentially scalable revenue streams.

Lean Startup Bootcamps
Conducting time-variable bootcamps (internal and/or external participants) to generate, test & implement new business models (MVP) or specific challenge solutions (design thinking etc.).

In order to proactively push innovations in a risk-reduced manner, we have developed a concept for the efficient processing of promising opportunity fields. For our clients, we conduct Corporate Lean Startup Bootcamps, which are based on the efficient iteration principle: Idea generation prototyping, testing and measuring. Learn more.