From many years of industry experience, we understand the complex processes in both small and medium-sized companies and corporations. We appreciate the impact new business and change can have on a company’s DNA and how much of that an organisation can handle. Further, we know at what pace such (digital) transformations can be realized. Together with our clients, we develop strategies that pave the way for a successful future. No matter if it is in a B2C, B2B or B2G environment.

We define unique selling propositions which will allow you to strategically adjust to the underlying market dynamics, based on your individual competencies. And that even under tight market conditions and significant restrictions.

At Kopfspringer, we provide cross-sectoral and cross-functional support. Our approach is based on clear and concise process phases. We always think in highly structured patterns, but we always do so in a lateral/creative manner. We apply innovative and unconventional methods, individually tailored to the specific needs of our clients and projects.

Auditing & Analysis

Identification of problem areas and requirements with significant potential for optimisation or rather performance improvement from both a market (e.g. business models) and an organizational (e.g. processes) perspective

Conception & Planning

Development of economic solution processes (business concepts) while continuously considering functional effects as well as logical validity checks and implementation planning

Creation & Evaluation

Creation of multiple options for action within an iterative and agile creative process as well as an evaluation method that involves closely coordinated restriction patterns and further assessment factors

Implementation & Control

Implementation of validated solution concepts in existing organisational structures as well as setting up control mechanisms to ensure continuous success


Feasibility Analysis – Insourcing
Conducting a comprehensive business case including an all-encompassing analysis and calculation part. That will result in four defined scenarios complemented by recommended actions regarding the insourcing of specific and externally sourced services.

Task analysis organisation
Standardization of role descriptions and functional specifications within the management of human resources. That involves the utilization of minimally invasive query templates and more than 160 remotely conducted departmental interviews, representing the basis for resource reallocations.

Pattern analysis of customer inflow/frequency
Digital tracking as well as the analysis of customer behaviour and dwell time at the service centre to derive staff deployment plans and product placements. Advancement of both active waiting processes and sales journeys.

Lean Optimisation Process House
KPI-driven status analysis of existing processes (actual) as well as qualitative surveys of process weaknesses. Implications for process optimization (TARGET) through e.g., the realization of automation potentials.

Offsites Strategy Development
Preparation, methodical implementation and content-related follow-up of offsite events (up to 3 days) for strategy and/or culture development at operational or management level (e.g. in own premises).

EVU transformation platform
Conception, development as well as editorial and technical operation of bidirectional communication platforms in integrable web portals for content-related support of multi-layered overall transformations.

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