In more and more industries and sectors, agility and adaptability are becoming the decisive parameters for economic success. Hence, the conclusion is obvious: If companies neglect their own ability to be agile, they are threatened by a loss of competitiveness in an increasingly efficient world. A company’s own transformation strength thus becomes an organizationally critical success factor. This strength is generated, among other things, by  companies’ inherent ability to anticipate trends and creatively apply these within their own corporate context.

KOPFSPRINGER focus on early identification of change potential from the market perspective and on companies’ ability to change in proactivce and timely manner.

Potential and time requirements

In recent years, change cycles have become even shorter in the wake of macroeconomic trends such as globalization, digitalization and increasing technologization. Change and disruption are omnipresent keywords. The so-called VUCA world is characterised by increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Based on our many years of experience in research and practice, we accompany transformation projects across all sectors with the overarching goal:

– to develop individual cultural changes and mindset shifts into continuous, internal readiness for change

– to establish sustainable competencies in change management within organizations willing and capable of continuous improvement

Technology change

It is crucial to approach transformations strategically to efficiently achieve set milestones. Whether it is in regard to top-down processes, bottom-up approaches, wedge processes or based on the multiple nucleus principle, we will design the most sensible change strategy for you.

If required, we train selected change leaders in innovative leadership and change skills, either individually or group formats. We place particular emphasis on modern, serving leadership behavior at eye level – appropriate to the situation and requirements. We also put great emphasis on teaching soft skills in the context of emotional intelligence as we understand leadership, togther with management, as the decisive key factor for success in transformative challenges.


Ramp-Up Digital Secondary Brand
Conception, (agile) management as well as content structuring and support (IT, technical, commercial) of a “greenfield” project for the nationwide launch of a fresh, digital second brand.

Multi-Nucleus Transformation
Analysis and implementation of prioritized key factors for output-relevant transformation measures. Identification of hierarchy-independent communication nodes for effective change scaling.

CRM data structure & use cases
Requirement analysis, design and implementation of an innovative data collection and use concept including optimized media and signage use for the development of customer-centric sales and service processes.

CRM data structure
Analysis and design of an IT architecture concept for future data use (sample with over 22,000 CRM data records). Automated identification and correction of standard data deficiencies.

Concept of reorganization
Deficiency analysis and process optimization for the interaction of different departments for the benefit of the overall organization, including 1:1 problem identification, consolidation, and solution generation.

TOP Executive Coaching
Coaching of TOP executives in further developing their leadership style as well as achieving personal and business goals, in both existing challenges and beyond.

We are conviced, only with the right answers, a compelling attitude and tailor-made actions, the whole organization can be set up for success and change at the same time. Contact us to find out more.